Attract High Quality Clients with Google Reviews

Attract High Quality Clients with Google Reviews

Reviews are the backbone of any medical practice – bad reviews could put you out of business, while highly-regarded reviews could see an influx of customers. The main platform for reviews is Google reviews – these appear when a practice or business is searched. Maintaining these reviews is essential; however, obtaining these is equally as important.

Often, this review process is overcomplicated, with far too many practices having few too many reviews. This short article will discuss how Google reviews can help attract high-quality patients, beginning with a quick explanation of reviews, in general.


As a patient or customer, reviews are often what we turn to when deciding whether or not a practice or business is for you. Naturally, we steer away from those with negative reviews, switching lanes, and choosing a practice with an overwhelmingly positive presence and review base.

Google reviews are public – when a potential (or current) patient searches your practice, or practices in your area, your reviews will appear. If you don’t have any reviews yet, you’re missing out on valuable search engine real estate, a real chance to land more high-quality patients to your practice.


At Moonwalk, we know how important Google reviews are. Therefore, we’ve simplified the process with our cloud-based app. Once installed and set-up, patients can receive both a text on their mobile phones and reminder to leave a review with a link to do so. However, not all patients will leave a review while they wait – some prefer to do so in their own time, after their appointment.

This is why we send a follow-up email, too, with a link to leave a review on Google. We do not spam your clients – we simply send a reminder and a follow-up, politely reminding them of the review process – this is the key to receiving good reviews.

The automated Moonwalk process makes receiving reviews easy, establishing and developing your authority in search engines such as Google, and allowing your practice to stand out from others.

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