The Number One Tactic to Get More Reviews

The Number One Tactic to Get More Reviews

The answer to this may seem obvious, and perhaps even a little underwhelming, but rather than make you read a long article to get the answer, here it is: “ASK your happy clients for reviews!”

A surprising survey showed that the MAJORITY of businesses do NOT ask their clients from reviews. So, what happens organically, is those few disgruntled clients tend to express themselves more vocally. Because of this, and the availability of multiple online review platforms to post their gripes, these free “billboards” have become have become very popular. Fortunately, for most businesses who get negative reviews, only 5% of the population willingly want to post anything online.

This means there is a BIG opportunity available for more positive reviews to show up online if you just ASK for them. The obvious next step is to make it EASY for people to do that. If they go to your website with good intention and can’t find your “Review Us Online” button quickly, they will soon forget to do it. Some review platforms sites require you to register with them online before posting to hopefully “weed out” fake reviews.

The good news, is that there is a very simple system any dental office can implement that quickly generates both a text AND an email opportunity for your verified clients to write a review with only a couple of clicks. In turn, this will automatically get posted on GOOGLE – the largest search platform in the world.

Using a proprietary software, Max has created a simple cloud-based dashboard to run this entire process through automatically, with minimal effort on the part of your team. Included with this program, is a predictable proven training on the best strategy for acquiring those valuable reviews easily, consistently, and without any pain or anguish from the team having to feel like they need to beg for reviews.

By making the process simple and inexpensive, takes the online review process to a new level. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for various marketing efforts, you can boost not only your reviews online, but also your rankings in Google because of those reviews. This in turn converts to more prospects seeing your website and hopefully converting those prospects into new clients!

A business with 200 GOOGLE reviews or more typically does double that of a similar competitor with hardly any reviews. So why would you want to dilute your efforts or put them on platforms that less than 3-10% of the online viewers would even see? We have found when we can help you get to 300 online GOOGLE reviews, your trust level goes up and your success is essentially guaranteed! Your clients will do all the marketing you need! Moonwalkcx is here to help you do exactly that! If you have been having trouble getting online reviews, be sure to check out this article on The Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make with Regards to Online Reviews!  Schedule a free demo with a Growth Specialist™ today! or Call us at 888-365-6630. To learn more online visit us at